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Valley of Progress, a new fiction series. My first fiction series.

Full disclosure; there was a time in my life when I would make jokes, at my own expense, about reading few-to-no books during the course of a year. I’ve always had an appreciation for literature, pretty much all art forms, but there was a time filled with sounds and imagery but few words. That time has officially ended.

During the past five years or so, I have been on a non-stop climb up the literary ladder which has resulted in not only a flood of reading, but the publishing of a book…my book…two books…an entire series actually. It has be a patience testing but incredibly rewarding experience thus far and I am still growing in my newly recharged appreciation.

Valley of Progress is the result of some characters and scenes I had floating in my head for many years. Like many story tellers, I can only take thinking-about and idea for so long until something needs to be created. I outlined, researched, and realized the right path was writing the gestating story into a novel. It very well may be the longest project I’ve ever worked on, and I’m excited to continue writing the story to its proper conclusion.

I suggest beginning with the website,, and then picking up the entry into the series: The Murde Mountains, Valley of Progress, Archive 1.

books and map


To read a preview, click below:






New Documentary Short Where You See A Masterpiece Rise Into Existence

A good friend Lisa Bruno introduced me to her good friend Matthew Hunt, and suggested I shoot a short film on his newest painting. I happily agreed, and quidkly began to film Matthew create the newest painting of a private series he had been working on for many years, the first one he was going to show publicly. Two things occurred to me very quickly, Matthew is a joyfully humble individual, and he is a master painter. The process felt a bit like being back in design school, exploring who we were, how we made the art we wanted to create, and what that meant to us and to others. The revealing of the painting happened at the courtesy of Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell and their beautiful home. This summer Matthew will donate the painting and it will be auctioned off for The Akron Art Museum. It was a wholly beautiful experience and project to work on. Watch It Here.


matthew hunt




That Feature Film I Made In Akron One Time

Oh, did I mention I made a feature film in Akron before. It is something to look back at a work you did so long ago, and see what truly became something special and what I truly did not know how to do well yet. Completely skeleton crew and no budget, but in the end this became a great project of experimentation for me. That, and I got to meet a lot of great people through the process. So if you're up for an odd, artsy little indie film made by some artsy kids... in Akron, Ohio, here ya go. Watch It Here.






New Music Video with By Light We Loom

I just had the pleasure of being a part of a dual premiere at The Nightlight Cinema. Adam Smalley debuted his film Let Me Go where I was camera operator, and then we aslo debuted Mason Jars for By Light We Loom which I directed. It was as fun as premieres go in my opinion, so many lovely people collaborating on these projects. Big thanks to Miriam Bennett and Melissa Olson for being DP and 1st AD and for my Muller friends for letting us use the new farm. Check out the video in the work section!





Inside Out Promo for the Akron Art Museum

Really lovely project I recently got to work on with the Arkon Art Museum. Their new project takes reproductions (full scale!) from their collection and posts them throughout Akron and surrounding neighborhoods.





Oh, Did I Mention? I'm Making a Cinema.

Nightlight Logo

So for a little over a year I've been working fairly regularly (and lately, VERY regularly) on The Nightlight Cinama Lounge which is a new independent movie theater and lounge/cafe/bar opening in downtown Akron this summer.

I'm primarily heading up design (along with rock-star architect Mary O'Connor) and food/drink curation and I am just a kid in a candy store working on all of it. There are many people involved with making this and I am really excited for it to open. Construction is well underway and the kickstarter is up so get a ticket to the premiere while you still can :)





The Longest Winter

I have been keeping busy over the winter that refuses to end but not much is up to show for it (a lot of production going on though, I promise). Took a break from directing to work the camera for a new short film / music promo directed by Adam Smalley and Produced by Miriam Bennett for Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweeden. Miriam has worked quite a bit with Kate Tucker and it was pure joy getting in on this new project titled "Let Me Go."

I have a new Music Video coming up that I'm really excited about but I'll say more about that soon. For now, I'll just say my love of design, kids and 1960's fashion is about to collide.




Laos Free now screening, IN LAOS!

Tonight I was informed that Laos Free is now screening at the COPE Visitor Center. It would maybe take up too much space here to explain it thoroughly, but I think this is perhaps the highest honor this film could have received. As the filmmaker, it means a lot to me to have the people of Laos and of COPE want to have the film represent this very important and relevant history, present day challenge and hope for the people of Laos. Please take a moment and read up on what COPE is doing.




Free 16x9 Storyboard Template!!

I wanted to make a storyboard that was compact but still provided space for plenty of notes and still be able to be organized. So, if you want it enjoy yourself.

Download 9 panel 16x9 Storyboard PDF




Filming, Animating, Interviewing, Prepping... Baking.

1 Did an Interview in Washington DC this week for the Freedom Stones Documentary, former ambassador to Laos Douglas Hartwick. It was a bit last minute but I think It'll be a great addition to the film.

2 Also, I am working on finishing up some animation for a Karate tournament happening in Akron in early July. It'll be nice to do an entirely CG piece again.

3 Filming a new music video in about a week as well, this one should be quite the ruckus.

4 Also made some lovely choux cream puffs.

Should have material to show in a week or so! Stay tuned.




BIG Release Week!

One Music Video and one Animated Short Film all out in one week, I'm not sure if it's jet lag or output but I am feeling tired (but rather good). Oh, and I also just got back from my trip to Cambodia / Thailand shooting the Freedom Stones Documentary.


First up - Laos Free

This film started with a small curious thought I had while watching the Laos episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. After a lot of research and many people filling me in on the issue, I felt compelled to make this film as I felt it was shameful that this story was not getting more awareness in America.

It's the story of the U.S. bombing of Laos during the Vietnam Conflict, how it still harshly affects the country today and also looking forward. Many thanks to Legacies of War for all of their help. They are currently getting ready to take the film out across the countyr on a media tour, please check it out if you get a chance. This will be the first public screenings of the film.

You can also check it out in the work section, or go to the vimeo page.


Next - Bethesda "Go"

Baebel Music just premiered Bethesda's new video "Go" video this week. It was such a blast shooting this video and putting it together. I don't know if I have ever been on a set with a more positive vibe. It's loads of beautiful and heart punding Irish Step Dancing thanks to some ladies from Murphy's Irish Arts Center. And of course, the first single off of Bethesda's new album which just got released. Get ready to smile!

You can also check it out in the work section.




'GO' - more Bethesda News and off to Thailand / Cambodia

So I just did my quickest turn around for a music video ever I think. 'Go', the new promo I shot for Bethesda is done and will probably be up for viewing very soon. Really excited to have people see this, a bit of a (irish heritage) dream project for me. My Tri-C people were great to work with, Bethesda and dancers look great. Also, Bethesda just got a record deal a few days after we finished editing, so happy for them (and not at all surprised)!


Next up, I'll be off to Thailand and Cambodia at the end of the week to film the core segments on the Freedom Stones documentary. Really excited to finally be going, my feelings for this film continue to grow and grow.




Films and Videos Everywhere!

So much to report on but not too much to show, for now. I think I might have more projects in the works now than I've ever had at one single time, despite the fact that I don't have much material to show right now. Let's see, where to start?


Music Videos
I have two new ones in the works for Bethesda and I am really excited. Two new directions for me and I'm looking forward to getting them made.

First up is a video that will be my first 'performance' video, and I do mean performance. Minimal post, just a lot of editing from capturing the band's live energy along with… an Irish Step Dance Troupe. Things are moving along and should be shooting in the next few weeks.

Second with Bethesda will be a narrative video that I really feel will end up being a special project, especially with how it is going to tie in with the themes of their new album. More on this probably in a month or two .


Still working on the Freedom Stones film, finally have a shoot planned in Thailand / Cambodia for March. This is still developing as far as scope and overall purpose but it's coming along well.

Finished a new feature length screenplay. Getting some good feedback and feeling quite positive about how it's developing. Excuse the teasing, but that is it for now.

Also about to do a logo / video for Akron's own Roller City Rubber Girls. My favorite new sports team, should be up soon.

Stay tuned...




New 'mini music promo' for Bethesda's Upcoming Album "Reunion"

Just finished a new music promo for Bethesda. It was admittedly one of those ideas that seemed so great around a coffee table but would more than likely never happen. Well, it happened and here it is. This was rather fun and made all of us contort ourselves into some rather unusual positions. If they ever post them you'll know what I mean.

Check it out on the work page.



New Documentary about a Company Fighting Child Sex Trafficking.

I just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for a Documentary I really hope to start shooting this summer. The film will follow the company Freedom Stones which hires people that are at risk or have been rescued from the sex trafficking. What they are doing is quite unique and in my opinion quite brave on many levels.


Please check out the Kickstarter page here. Every bit helps and is appreciated.



'Laos Free' starts it's Kickstarter Campaign

The Kickstarter campaign for 'Laos Free' just started and I'm excited to bring people into the project. It got selected as a staff pick which is really quite encouraging and humbling.

Click here to go to the Kickstarter page

Thank you to everyone who is helping out with this. I really hope this film can make a positive difference.





'Laos Free' Animated Short Begins

*Update - Here are a few early production stills.

laos field dad house


I have finally begun work on a project that has been on my mind for quite some time. It is an animated short about the unprecedented bombing that took place in Laos (bombing the US denied during the time) during the Vietnam war and the massive remainder of bombs that still exist in the ground in the country today. I'm very thankful to have found the people at Legacies of War who are doing wonderful things to make much needed changes for the benefit of the Laotian people. This will be a fairly quick production so more news will come soon.



'Color' Festival Requests Coming in...

Color has started to get requests from festivals so I will announce dates as they solidify.



'The Valley' Broadcast Premiere

FUSE will be premiering 'The Valley' during it's New Music Video segment. Should be airing in the next week or two so keep an eye out.

UPDATE - Here is the link. Just saw it on TV right between Busta Rhymes and Adelle :)



'The Valley' Premieres on Paste

Paste Magazine just premiered the new Eisley video (The Valley) I made and fan reaction has been exciting to see. For a shoot that was really stressed for time it was a lot of fun and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Great band to work with.



The Valley Feedback

The feedback so far from The Valley has been great, I'm glad people are getting connected to it and I like hearing all of the impressions of the concept. Here are a few articles aside from the Paste Magazine premiere

• Dallas Observer

• PureVolume



'The Valley' promo video is almost here

Been speaking with the Band & Label (that would be Eisley and Equal Vision Records) and everyone is getting a little bit (no, it's more like a lot) excited. Making final decisions but a release should be announced soon. I'm excited for everyone to see.

the valley



New Film & Design Ventures in higher education in NEO

Looks like I'll be teaching up at Tri-C this upcoming semester. I'm quite interested in seeing what is developing up there with all of their combined film and design courses (right up my alley). Always good so see things going in an postive direction with film and design in thsi area.



Akron Film + Pixel Festival success

What a great Festival this year. A lot of film makers made it out, great films and the combination with independent game design was a great addition. The feeling of the festival was a lovely boost over last year, which was still pretty nice.

Akron Film


Akron Film + Pixel Festival nearing

The Festival is arriving soon, check out the films list. A lot of film makers and panelists this year. I'm interested in seeing how all the game design stuff goes, I think it'll be a great compliment to all the film content.

Looks like I'll also be moderating a few panels this year. The panelist list is looking very solid this year. Looking forward to it.



Dreamtiger video is complete

Well if I wasn't a huge fan of Bethesda before I definitely am now. Love working with those guys. I'm feeling good with the end result, feels like we really made something that is reflective of the band's identity. Check it out on youtube.


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