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If you'd like to contact Cory Sheldon regarding work please send an email to:

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Other places worth visiting

• Color ( - Director Cory Sheldon's debut feature film which is mystery / thriller infused with design exploration and sureal animation.

Synopsis: A graphic design prodigy decides to break from his reclusive lifestyle when he witnesses a murder and becomes suspicious of a plot to take over his family's billion dollar company.


• If you'd like to see my work in HD or see some other side projects I've been involved with check out my Vimeo site.


• I am a creative consultant with Akron Film + Pixel. They host a lot of great events and programs throughout the year.


• I really enjoy teaching. I feel like I get to produce a small festival's worth of short films and design work each semester. It's also great just to see what talent is developing locally. I've been teaching at Kent State for about 3 years and I'll be doing some classes with Tri-C soon (both in through their respective Visual Communication Department).




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