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Valley of Progress

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The Process From Within

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Eisley - The Valley

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Eisley - Memories

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Bethesda - Dreamtiger

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Emma Shepard - Guilty

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Color : Dissolve - Collide

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Laos Free

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Color - Trailer

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Color - Intro

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By Light We Loom

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Bethesda - Go




valley of progress

Valley of Progress is a fiction series that I started writing in 2012. What began as fragmented ideas for a film, slowly developed into a proper story outline. Taking place in a fictional world, similiar to the time and technology during the end of the industrial revolution, the story follows those living in an isolated utopia that's straining to maintain its ambitious path.

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Take a look at the official website to see an assortment of posters, illustrations, maps and even music, all dedicated to the world of Valley of Progress.

You can also purchase the books here online.




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